About  Minda Chambers                                                                                                                                         BSc.Med.Tech, Dip. BSc.Med.Tech, Dip.MH, Dip. Irid., Dip. Hom.

A university graduate with more than 30 years experience in medical science, Minda is deeply committed to helping clients achieve optimal health using traditional herbal medicine and non invasive diagnostic techniques.

After years of laboratory experience working in the fields of food quality assurance, microbiology and medical pathology Minda experienced serious health issues that led her into the new direction of natural health care.

Her journey began when in 1991 she was diagnosed with crippling Endometriosis. The symptoms were so severe she had to stoop before standing due to unbearable pain. Minda found a Medical Herbalist in Gosford, Denis Stewart, who offered new hope. After 3 months under his care, Minda’s life was transformed as symptoms vanished. Within 16 months, her Gynaecologist declared Minda’s condition was normal. No more endometriosis and the cysts were gone.

The effects of this life changing treatment of individually tailored liquid Western Herbal Medicine was so profound, that Minda was inspired to learn more.

It was due to this experience that challenged Minda to study Medical Herbalism under the teachings of Denis Stewart at Southern Cross Herbal School. Minda merged together her being a Medical Laboratory Technologist and Western Medical Herbalist.

Now, with both professions – Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology and Diploma in Medical Herbalism, Minda’s clinical experience in Medical Herbalism since 1998 offer you a simple health solution tailored to your very specific needs – to gain Optimum Health

Minda Chambers

Minda Chambers