Why Use Liquid Herbal Medicine?

Liquid Herbal Extracts are the most effective form of Herbal Medicine as they are easily assimilated into the body system, and above all… It is tailored to your health needs. Toning and Nurturing are the basic principles of Liquid Herbal Medicine which is tailored to the individual to simply treat the illness. The strength of this approach lies in the use of tonics and gentle remedies, where the use of stronger remedies is left to when it is absolutely necessary. Individuals with weaker constitutions – the elderly and children – benefit extremely well from Formulated Liquid Herbal Medicine. Tonics and gentle normaliser remedies not only help to avoid most side effects and complications but offer possibilities for the maintenance of wellness and prevention of many problems. Medical Herbalism uses whole plants with appropriate medicinal principles to treat the whole person. Medical Herbalism is both an art and science. It can be used as widely as any form of medicine because herbs with medicinal values may be used for any condition that is medically treatable. All Liquid Herbal Medicines are sourced from Australian manufacturers who abide by the Rules and Regulations of Therapeutic Goods Act of Australia.


The wholistic way of health care is to treat the cause, not just the symptom picture.

Liquid herbal medicine is uniquely suited for any illness of the body. It is easy to absorb into the body, especially to those who have weaker constitutions.

Holism does not pre-define any medical technique or theory. Rather it is a context in which the whole person is considered, their physical health as well as mental/emotional state, relationships and life.

Holism tells us to focus on an individual’s unique situation and not simply treat a diagnosed disease syndrome. In the context of this therapeutic ecology, it may be that one person diagnosed with colitis might recuperate best when treated with dietary advice, herbs and osteopathic manipulation whilst for another it could be drugs, psychoanalysis and surgery. Practitioners will have their firmly held opinions of the pros and cons concerning one approach or another, but the patient is always more important.

Your Western Medical Herbalist will always work with you as a person, but the final result will depend on your perseverance with liquid herbal medicine tailored for you.