Blood Cell Microscopy

Blood Cell Microscopy is done from a single drop of blood obtained from a finger prick.

It is then placed under a microscope where you and Minda can see your red and white blood cells moving around. The cell size, shape, motility, and its entire environment offers more clues to your current health conditions.

Blood cell microscopy is used as a means of detecting early signs of health dysfunction. A drop of blood is taken from your fingertip, put on a glass slide, and then viewed under the microscope that projects the images onto a screen and the blood elements can be seen in their living state.

Blood Cell Microscopy is where the other side of qualitative view of your blood cells. Here, you and Minda can see how your blood cells are moving, oxidation damage in the cell is also seen. The entire environment will also guide us to liver health imbalances if present, sugar metabolism… to name a few.  

Definitely, we can spot one of the reasons why you are tired. Gut dysbiosis is a definite if we see one. The blood cell activity on the glass slide will represent how your blood system is working for you as you can see if there are some “obstacles” that we need to clear out. It is like a flowing river that is free of any debris, or may contain debris that need to be cleared away to gain good flow.

Minda will then discuss with you how she can improve your health.



Blood Cells Stained

Blood Cells Stained